Every day our people at Sinai Health are doing extraordinary things as we focus our efforts on COVID-19. Captured Caring is a series featuring submissions from our people to provide you with inspiration and encouragement as we care for patients and each other. Have your own story or photo to share? Submit it here.

Hospital employees in a hospital hallway with medical equipment in the background. They are wearing scrubs and masks and standing apart from each other. Some are making peace signs or thumbs up signs with their hands.

“It is a pleasure to work side by side with this amazing group of nurses on 10 North. The resilience and teamwork during this unprecedented time is just unbelievable! We may all be anxious but everyone is doing their part to help each other out.”
Submitted by: Rizelle Que, RN, Mount Sinai


“The amazing, caring and resilient nurses of 10 North have been displaying incredible teamwork especially while caring for COVID-19 patients in the unit. #Wethe10North”
Submitted by: Joanne Nava, RN, Mount Sinai


“I was calling a caregiver to arrange a delivery for a patient at Bridgepoint. Through our conversation, the family caregiver Irene said ‘My aunt was fortunate to have an exceptional nurse last night, who went above and beyond, found some nail clippers and sat with her and clipped her fingernails. That was huge, because my aunt had been having difficulty phoning me because her nails were so long. She had to call me right after it happened because she was so excited. The employees at Bridgepoint are what make it superb. Everything about it is five star.'”
Submitted by: Erika Szego, Lead, Patient Engagement, Bridgepoint

Illustration with bright rainbow like colours behind three health care workers. Large text says Thank You. at the bottom is a silhouette Toronto skyline with the words, Nurses, Toronto, Doctors COVID-19 “My daughter plays competitive soccer and has weekly WebEx meetings with her coach and her team. Each player was tasked to submit a piece of art to thank the front line workers and post it where it can be seen. I thought this would be a great forum.”
Submitted by Arlene Dias, RN, Mount Sinai Fertility








headshot portrait of woman looking at the camera smiling“The Perinatal Mental Health Program would like to thank our wonderful clinical nurse specialist, Alisha Ramlogan, for her dedication and excellent work with our team. She has acted as nurse leader of our perinatal mental health telemedicine program. This is an innovative and highly acclaimed virtual care program that offers video visits to women with mental health concerns who are pregnant and postpartum throughout Ontario. During COVID-19, Alisha has helped the team seamlessly transition all of our clinical practices to exclusively web-based communication, as well as run virtual care therapy groups, and provided support to other health care providers around the province. We thank you, Alisha, for your outstanding work!”
Submitted by: Dr. Beverly Young, Psychiatrist, Perinatal Mental Health Program, Mount Sinai


“For the last several weeks, Leslie Vermeersch, Fetal Therapy Co-Ordinator for the Ontario Fetal Centre, has been leading a project looking at fetal therapy during COVID-19. Weekly, she has sent out a survey to North American Fetal Therapy Centres (NAFTNet) looking at how they are providing care, and then reports on the findings she is compiling. It has turned in to a great communication starter between NAFTNet sites, and she has been invited to speak multiple times at NAFTNet and Fetal Therapy Nursing Network Zoom meetings. #WEAREINTHISTOGETHER”
Submitted by: Amy Proulx, Clinical Director, Womens’ and Infants Health Ambulatory Programs, Mount Sinai