Every day our people at Sinai Health are doing extraordinary things. Captured Caring is a series featuring submissions from our people to provide you with inspiration and encouragement as we care for patients and each other. Have your own story or photo to share? Submit it here.

“In a year where physical distance and social isolation were both protective and painful, the Social Work Week theme “You Are Not Alone. Social Workers: Real Experts For Real Life” reminds us to look for the ways everyone can access quality health care and the support of their communities.

Social work during COVID-19 is looking a bit different. Social workers across Sinai Health have been building expertise in assessment and treatment through virtual means. Whether connecting patients to their family through a smart phone, or using secure videoconferencing to connect with a care team, social workers are still able to support timely and appropriate transitions through the health care system.

As we continue to find ways to support our patients and their care partners, social workers at Bridgepoint are supporting each other through these times. The team will often “meet” for lunch in the Bridgepoint auditorium; using the physically distanced tables to stay as safe as possible. We have also been meeting regularly with a resiliency coach, where the team checks in with each other and are encouraged to take some time to take care of ourselves.

Approximately one year into this pandemic and social workers are still able to share their expertise with patients, health care teams and the community. We are finding ways to stay connected as a team and support our patients as they access their health care and deal with COVID-19.”
Submitted by: the Bridgepoint Social Work team


In celebration of Social Work Week, social workers from Mount Sinai, Bridgepoint, and Circle of Care held  a friendly competition, decorating gingerbread houses. Participants were invited to create cookie and candy confections depicting themes such as social determinants of health, social work, International Women’s Day, fun and family.  They created and decorated the houses at home and shared the results over Zoom with their colleagues and contest judges Katherine McQuaid-Bascon, Rebecca Ramsden and Dr. Gary Newton.
Submitted by: the Mount Sinai Social Work team

“The Mount Sinai Oculoplastics group is trialing a new referral pathway to effectively triage and improve wait times for suspected or confirmed eyelid cancer patients. Using Ontario’s Telehealth Network, we will be accepting referrals for eyelid lesions that include an image of the lesion in question. We look forward to helping our most vulnerable cancer patients in this difficult time.”
Submitted by: Monica Lau, Office Administrator, Ophthalmology, Mount Sinai