Every day our people at Sinai Health are doing extraordinary things. Captured Caring is a series featuring submissions from our people to provide you with inspiration and encouragement as we care for patients and each other. Have your own story or photo to share? Submit it here.

“A small team of inspired colleagues from Hennick Bridgepoint’s 10 North Palliative Care Unit joined together and ran or walked five kilometres on Sunday, September 11 for the Journey 2 Conquer Cancer! The team raised $4,758.  A huge thank you to all those who donated to this amazing cause! 10 North sends their love to our inspiration (you know who you are!).”
Submitted by: Melissa Turner Joseph, Clinical Care Coordinator, 10 North Palliative Care Unit, Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital


“We are happy to share celebrations of Jewish High Holidays at Sinai Health. In September, the shofar was sounded at both Mount Sinai and Hennick Bridgepoint to announce the New Year, Rosh Hashanah. In October, the Sukkah was built on University Avenue, decorated by paintings from students at the Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School.”
Submitted by: Iryna Soluk-Figol, Manager, Spiritual Care, Sinai Health



October recognition of health care professionals

“In honour of Medical Device Reprocessing Week (October 9 to 15), I want to recognize and thank the amazing Medical Device Reprocessing Department (MDRD) team. Because of their dedication to patient safety, we have packaged more than 130,000 different types of packages containing medical devices. This equates to more than a million instruments  successfully reprocessed! The team’s collaborative spirit has enabled us to support our surgical ramp-up strategies and slowly and safely introduce many new types of devices procured through Phase 3A. This includes guided therapeutics and robotic surgical instruments. During MDR Week the staff got to learn through innovative technology; they used virtual reality to see first-hand how the medical devices are used in surgical procedures.”
Submitted by: Garry Bassi, Director, Medical Device Reprocessing and Support Services, Mount Sinai Hospital  

“October 17 to 21 is National Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Week and we wanted to take this opportunity to recognize Sinai Health’s IPAC team. This includes 13 IPAC professionals from diverse backgrounds working across Mount Sinai Hospital, Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital and supporting our partners in long-term care and retirement homes in the community. IPAC also provides support for all Renew Sinai Phase 3A and capital planning construction-related projects.

The IPAC team is instrumental in facilitating safe patient care through the timely assessment of every patient admitted to Sinai Health, and implementing mitigation strategies and control measures to stop the spread of infectious diseases in both hospitals. They have been one of the pillars of our pandemic response over the past couple of years, but their role is so much more than COVID-19! This week, please take a minute to chat with your Infection Control Practitioner and congratulate them on another year of hard work.”
Submitted by: Dr. Jennie Johnstone, Medical Director and Liz McCreight, Director, Infection Prevention and Control at Sinai Health.

“October is Occupational Therapy Month! Occupational therapists (OTs) play an essential role in patient care at Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital. They work with our patients to enable them to achieve their goals including being able to care for themselves, returning to work or volunteering, and engaging in meaningful activities. Occupational therapists work to break down the barriers that impede individuals in their everyday activities. OTs wear many hats as therapist, educator, and advocate for patients and families in rehabilitation, complex care and for outpatients in ambulatory care. Whether it’s working with the wound care nurse regarding pressure injuries and selecting an appropriate therapeutic surface, working with a patient and family with the seating clinic to obtain an appropriate wheelchair for safe and independent mobility, or working with the team on strategies for those who require extra cueing or interventions for cognitive impairment, Occupational therapists work across many domains. Occupational therapy remains a vital and key component in overall patient care. Be sure to thank an OT!”
Submitted by: Meridith McClenaghan, Clinical Practice Leader, Occupational Therapy, Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital

“We get to celebrate National Occupational Therapy Month in October with our fabulous team of Occupational Therapists (OTs). OTs help our patient and families address challenges that impact activities at home, work and leisure. Our OTs see patients across all our inpatient programs. They provide patients and families ways to address functional issues, such as having difficulty bathing, dressing, and getting food, by recommending equipment, supports and alternative ways to increase independence. Our OTs also see our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) babies to promote feeding and to monitor development, and later provide ongoing support to some parents and NICU graduates in the follow-up clinic. OTs are a vital part of our interprofessional team and we are proud to call them colleagues, mentors and friends. Happy OT Month!”

“October 23 to 29 is Respiratory Therapy Week, a time to celebrate our dedicated and incredible team of Respiratory Therapists (RTs), Anesthesia Assistants (AAs) and RT Technicians. Our team of RTs embody the RT Week theme, “Inspiring Excellence in Respiratory Therapy” as they provide innovative, best practice care across Sinai Health. At Mount Sinai Hospital our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) RTs help babies breathe and strengthen their respiratory status. Our RTs care for adults from the Emergency Department to the Intensive Care Unit to Medical-Surgical floors. They assess, monitor and treat respiratory and cardiorespiratory issues. Our AAs support our Operating Room and Labour and Delivery to provide excellent anesthetic and respiratory care.

At Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital, RTs provide respiratory expertise to facilitate rehabilitation goals and monitor and assess chronic respiratory issues to guide appropriate treatment decisions. Our RT Technicians ensure the equipment and supplies we need, including crash carts, anesthetic carts, and ventilators are ready to provide quality and safe patient care. Thank you RT Department for all you do. Happy RT Week!”


“Spiritual Care Week is from October 23 to 29 and this year’s theme is “Relevant and Responsive in Times of Crisis”. Throughout the pandemic our Spiritual Care team supported our patients and families, and our interprofessional teams through all the various challenges we have faced. Their ability to listen and facilitate safe spaces has enabled open conversations that promote hope and resilience. Our Spiritual Care practitioners are available not only during crisis but during times when we all question, “why is this happening?” They support individual or collective experiences through consultation, providing psychosocial support and modalities for coping with stress. We are proud to have our Spiritual Care team across Mount Sinai Hospital and Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital. Thank you and Happy Spiritual Care Week!”
Above three submissions by: Katherine McQuaid-Bascon, Senior Director, Health Disciplines, Mount Sinai Hospital