Every day our people at Sinai Health are doing extraordinary things. Captured Caring is a series featuring submissions from our people to provide you with inspiration and encouragement as we care for patients and each other. Have your own story or photo to share? Submit it here.

“Congratulations to the endoscopy team on achieving the milestone of soft launching bronchoscopy within its new, temporary space. Up until now bronchoscopy procedures have mainly been performed within the endoscopy space. Ahead of endoscopy’s move to their renewed space in the near future, bronchoscopy was moved to its temporary space on on October 17. The move will enable us to advance best practices around bronchoscopy procedures and patient recovery by making use of the negative pressure procedure space.

There were many stakeholder engagements, walkthroughs, training and support for this launch to succeed. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this achievement! Deepest thanks to Medical Imaging and the PACU for their collaboration with the endoscopy team to support procedure and recovery space considerations and workflows. We appreciate all the work done by leadership, clinical and non-clinical practice experts, Building and Support Services, Biomedical Engineering, and many others to make this an operational space.

Special thanks to our nurse champions, Marino and Forough, whose adaptability to the fast-changing environment and unique workflows made the launch a success and will see the temporary space through until bronchoscopy lands in its final location. Sincerest thanks to the rest of the endoscopy team for their full and continuous support and great energy. We are proud to work with such an excellent team.”
Submitted by: Anita Chin, Patient Care Manager, Endoscopy and GI Ambulatory Clinics, Mount Sinai Hospital 

“In October, Cathy Choi, Hennick Bridgepoint’s Seating Clinic Occupational Therapist and Paula Shing, Physiotherapist from Professional Practice, presented at the Canadian Seating and Mobility Conference to share a project a long time in the works. Their work seeks to inform the public and industry on the issue of vibration in power wheelchairs. The vibrations generated by power chairs can contribute to negative health effects, including discomfort, pain and fatigue for wheelchair users. Cathy and Paula presented on their study investigating ways of reliably measuring vibrations.”
Submitted by: Meridith McClenaghan, Occupational Therapist and Clinical Practice Leader, Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital

“Thank you to the team in the Transfusion Medicine Laboratory for your efforts to ensure there was no interruption in services during a period in September when we were short-staffed. Full-time and part-time staff extended their shifts and took extra shifts to keep the service running at full capacity.  

The staff who dedicated their time and effort are  Vincent Hoang, Carol Sandiford, Tharchika Sathiaseelan, Ha Ran Hwang; Kamola Kasimova, Russel Ombao, Lyndon Soriano, Alice Wagner and Marietta Bisocho.”
Submitted by: Dr. Nadine Shehata, Head, Transfusion Medicine, Mount Sinai Hospital

“Mount Sinai’s Psychiatry team on 9 South got into the Halloween fun and planned a Minion-themed day. Thanks to the team for showing their Halloween spirit!”
Submitted by: Sami-Beth Kuchar, Senior Director, Mental Health and Addictions, Mount Sinai Hospital