four women standing in front of a wall with hospital images behind them.

From left to right: Nadia Al-Banna, Deline Anthonypillai, Nicole Bindoo and Ramanja Pakiratha

Sinai Health System has been running a summer internship program for MBA students for over a decade. What makes this year stand out? This is the first year that all four of the interns have been women.

Last week, Nicole Bindoo, Ramanja Pakirathan and Deline Anthonypillai from the DeGroote School of Business, along with Nadia Al-Banna from the Rotman School of Management wrapped up their four months as MBA summer internship students with presentations to a group of leaders, including our executive team.

Over the summer, each student works on four projects that allows them to apply their business expertise. Their projects focused on everything from clinical and operational processes, research, innovation and business development, to the administration of patient satisfaction surveys.

The MBA internship program is made possible through a collaborative effort of the Workforce Planning, Strategy and External Relations, and Organizational Development and People Engagement departments. The program is one of the reasons we were recognized with a Canada’s Top Employers for Young People award.

Congratulations and thank you to Nicole, Ramanja, Deline and Nadia!