Labour and delivery team with the bride

Aisha and Odane were on their way to get married at City Hall when an unexpected medical emergency derailed their wedding plans. But luckily the resourceful nurses at Mount Sinai’s Labour and Delivery Unit were ready to step in as surprise wedding planners.

At 28 weeks pregnant, Aisha and Odane thought they had plenty of time to tie the knot, and enjoy a few months of married life before their first child arrived. But with friends and family dressed to the nines, and just moments before stepping into the chambers with an officiant, Aisha experienced an antenatal hemorrhage. Their worried families and the groom-to-be rushed Aisha to Mount Sinai before the couple could say their vows.

“We expected the day to go so differently. In that moment, instead of joy, we were scared for our baby,” said Odane. “Once things had calmed down a bit, and our baby’s heart rate stabilized, Aisha and I were able to talk, and I kept telling her that she was going to be okay, the baby was going to be okay and we would still get married. That’s when the nurses understood we were prepared for a wedding that day, not a baby’s arrival.”

Labour and Delivery Nurse Melissa Kaups sprang into action. After the nurses proposed the idea of a hospital wedding to Aisha and Odane, the two took a bit of time to consider. Odane says, “I still felt like it was our day – it was the day we were supposed to be married.” Odane told the City Clerk’s office their unusual situation, and an officiant was found who could make it to the hospital later that day to perform the ceremony.

As soon as the nurses got the green light, they busied themselves with setting the stage for the nuptials.

“Just before the officiant arrived, nurses brought in decorations set up on IV poles, someone brought in a cake, a boutonniere for me, Christmas lights and flowers, and even a photographer,” says Odane. “The nurses went above and beyond – it was just magical. It was a beautiful and unique experience.”

Laura Clarke, Nursing Unit Administrator for Labour and Delivery was impressed with how everyone came together to help a patient in an unusual situation. “This shows the compassion and care that is provided to our patients in Labour and Delivery. What happened that day is a particularly unique example of the ways that nurses and doctors rise to the occasion,” says Laura. “I’m so proud of the way everyone came together to help Aisha and Odane.”

Congrats to Aisha and Odane, and to everyone who helped out with the special occasion.