Dr. Jeremy FreemanThe world’s brightest minds in thyroid oncology recently gathered in Boston at the third World Congress on Thyroid Cancer, the largest conference of its kind that attracted the attention of over 1,400 participants from more than 70 countries. Initially conceptualized in large part by Mount Sinai physician Jeremy Freeman, this multidisciplinary conference is an opportunity for thyroid cancer specialists across the globe to share ideas, research and best practices for the benefit of patients and practitioners.

The conference is held every four years and is made possible through a leadership team representing all major cancer centres in North America, including University of Toronto, Harvard, the Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson, Sloan Kettering, University of Denver. In addition, the first two were held in Toronto and were spearheaded by Mount Sinai’s Dr. Freeman and Dr. Ian Witterick.

This year, Dr. Freeman presented a keynote lecture called Surgery for Primary Thyroid Cancer and its Recurrence, and because of this presentation he was awarded the first prize for the best video on innovative surgical techniques in the management of thyroid cancer.

Congratulations to everyone involved!