Mount Sinai’s Intensive Care Unit celebrates patient safety milestone

Celebrations call for cake, and this one was no exception. This August, Mount Sinai’s Intensive Care Unit celebrated a year without catheter associated urinary tract infections. This team cares for the hospital’s most complex and critically ill patients, where infections of any kind can disrupt a patient’s recovery.

Catheter associated urinary tract infections make up more than 30 per cent of all hospital acquired infections. As many as 69 per cent of them are preventable.

“Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections are detrimental for all patients. Managing and preventing them is of great importance for our critically ill patients. I think our new strategy is an excellent way to promote health and ensure excellence in the care we provide,” said Julie Moore, a nurse in our Intensive Care Unit.

So how did they achieve this milestone? Through a series of sessions focused on education and engagement, the interprofessional team developed strategies that include:

  • Patients with catheters and their risk of infection discussed at daily rounds.
  • Identified concerns with supplies and will be trying new options.
  • Avoid catheter insertion unless necessary.
  • Regular access to data on catheter associated urinary tract infection rates.

Congratulations to the team!