A participant in a pool fitness and the instructor in the pool

Mary (left) a gets some tips from Roz the instructor of a new fitness class offered in the therapy pool this fall at Bridgepoint.

Bridgepoint Active Healthcare’s warm saltwater pool offers therapeutic benefits for inpatients and outpatients alike and a new program is giving former patients the opportunity to continue to enjoy the pool after discharge. Bridgepoint and Mount Sinai’s Rehabilitation and Well-Being Centre have partnered to launch a weekly group fitness class in the pool this fall.

We’re pleased to offer this program in response to both Bridgepoint staff and patient requests,” says Debra Hage, Manager of Rehab and Wellbeing Centre at Mount Sinai Hospital.  “We’ve had great feedback from the current participants.”

Paula Shing, Clinical Manager Ambulatory Care, notes the pool can have many benefits for patients.  “The pool is a wonderful resource for our patients,” she says.  “The warm salt water can provide pain relief and a supportive environment for gentle exercises that can help patients improve and maintain strength and function. Having this resource available for patients after they have completed their rehabilitation can help them continue to recover or maintain any gains made.”

Mary, one of the first participants in the new program, was a patient at Bridgepoint after surgery for total ankle replacement. “I am keen to do this program as I find the pool to be so beneficial in so many ways. I know it will really help me to continue to make progress,” she says. “Before my ankle replacement I was unable to walk. Now, after my rehabilitation I’m walking with no pain and I have my life back again—Thanks to all Bridgepoint staff. I want to continue with exercises in the pool to work on my balance and my and strengthening  my whole body. The pool program is a marvellous opportunity.”

The program is offered as a series of weekly classes. Participants in the first series were referred by physiotherapists and physicians at Bridgepoint but the program could eventually be open to members of the community. The next session starts at the beginning of November, for more information about the program, contact the Rehab and Wellbeing Centre at  416-619-5546.