Every year, Sinai Health attempts – bravely – to curate a collection of achievements that somehow captures the incredible work done from every corner of our organization by our extraordinary teams. It’s a tough job to distill all the hard work, dedication and creativity that everyone at Sinai Health has put into only a few pages. This year’s annual report showcases some of our biggest accomplishments, as well as new and ongoing initiatives that are serving patients by integrating acute, rehabilitative and community-based care.

One of the biggest themes I’ve seen expanding and evolving in the past year is the real desire on the part of people to be more deeply involved and engaged in our processes and our growth. This year, we saw a great number of people bring their passion, knowledge and aspirations for Sinai Health to our Purpose and Values discovery. The People Plan continues to prioritize our most valuable asset and ensures our people are positioned for success. And, with the planning and process around our next Strategic Plan 2020-25, our people are coming together again to realize the promise of Sinai Health. Thank you!

I hope you take a moment to read the report and see yourself in these achievements. None of this would be possible without our exceptional employees, learners, physicians, scientists and volunteers, and the passion and dedication you show across Sinai Health.

To read the report, click here.

To watch our year-end video, click here.

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