When Patrice Redparth first started working at a vocational training institute for newcomers to Canada, she never imagined a career in health care for herself. “I became interested in the field, and Sinai Health in particular, after visiting a friend staying in Mount Sinai’s neonatal intensive care unit,” she says.

As a Senior Coordinator on the Organizational Development team, Patrice supports our people through learning, development and change management. One of her most exciting projects this last year was teaching more than 400 Circle of Care personal support workers about Service with HEART through training workshops.

Last year, Patrice taught more than 400 Circle of Care personal support workers about Service with HEART

Patrice’s passion for Service with HEART stems from her personal experiences. “I understand how stressful hospital stays can be as someone who has been both a patient and caregiver. Having an environment where the people are compassionate and kind helps you navigate the situation.”

Patrice also believes that Service with HEART ensures a better working experience. “When we are empathic towards our colleagues, we foster trust and collaboration. People are more satisfied and engaged in projects and processes and their jobs overall.”

When it comes to work life balance, Patrice says it’s all about being deliberate and making a conscious effort to get things done. She also notes that it’s important to give yourself breaks during the day. “Grab lunch or take a walk. I always pause for a minute or two to just breathe and feel better, even on days where I don’t have a lot of time.”

Outside of work, Patrice enjoys working with her hands, restoring wood furniture and knitting. Travelling across Canada is at the top of her bucket list. “The only provinces I’ve visited are Ontario, Quebec and Alberta but I eventually want to see them all. My stay in the territories might be very short depending on the cold,” she says with a laugh.

An optimist, Patrice borrows her personal motto from Maya Angelou, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. I believe there’s always a bright side if you just view things from a different perspective.”


What is Service with HEART?

The Service with HEART model empowers everyone to provide an exceptional service experience at every point of interaction by understanding that the role in creating positive patient, family caregiver or colleague experiences is greater than the tasks associated with the job. The training provides practical tools needed to build rapport in relationships and proactively respond and resolve service concerns received from patients, family caregivers and each other. Managers are given stickers and pins, which they award at their discretion to people who consistently demonstrate Service with HEART principles.

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