Redeveloped ICU rendered image

Flashing forward to 2022, we will open a transformed 35,000 square feet Intensive Care Unit in a brand new space on Mount Sinai’s fifth floor. We will improve care for critically ill patients by more than doubling the size of the department, locating it closer to the Emergency Department and Operating Rooms, and increasing the amount of dedicated space for families. While construction of the ICU will not begin until 2021, intricate planning is already underway in preparation for opening day, and a key milestone in this journey occurred last week. At a meeting designed to take a look into the future at what the opening day will look like, the ICU and Operational Readiness teams began mapping out all of the activities that will need to occur between now and then. Last week’s meeting marked the beginning of this collaborative effort — stay tuned for more news as the ICU prepares to transition into its transformed space.

Have you ever wondered what happens in our ICU? 
“Many people don’t really understand what the ICU is,” says Dr. Stephen Lapinsky, Director of the Intensive Care Unit at Mount Sinai Hospital. “Some confuse it with the emergency room or the operating room, while others view it only as a place of mystery, with complex machines beeping behind closed curtains.”

Take a look behind the curtain here.