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E-rounds keep parents connected

Having an infant in the hospital is stressful – and being able to remain included in your baby’s care may not always be possible. . Now, thanks to Sinai Health’s partnership with The Change Foundation and WoodGreen Community Services, family caregivers can virtually connect from their own device to their infant’s room, using the Ontario Telemedicine Network, while clinicians discuss care for the day. Watch more on CTV News (starts at 30 minute mark).

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the operating room

Operating rooms are one of the most resource-intensive areas of a hospital, and anesthetic gases are the predominant source of their carbon footprint. Over the years, Dr. Nam Le has worked to to educate anesthesiology residents and fellows about the impact of anesthetic gases on the environment and our carbon footprint, with great results. In the last six months, Mount Sinai has reduced pollution from these gases by 73%, or about 450 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents and reduced spending on anesthetic gases by 24%. Dr. Le spoke to CBC News about this important issue, and was also on CBC’s The National  sharing how a few simple changes in the operating room could go a long way to reduce emissions.

Dr Shah Prakesh

Caring for the smallest, most fragile premature babies

Dr. Prakesh Shah, Interim Paediatrician-in-Chief at Sinai Health system, has at Mount Sinai since 2002, making an impactful contribution to the clinical, research and education pillars of the department. In this recent spot on CBC’s Metro Morning, Dr. Shah discusses the leaps in care for premature babies and micro preemies, as well as the issues and complications for these small, fragile babies. Listen below.

As doctors improve their understanding of the unique needs of “micro preemies,” the number of babies being born—and surviving—at what were once considered unviable gestational ages is increasing. Drs. Shah and Wendy Whittle are quoted in this interesting piece about better outcomes for preemies. Read more on Healthy Debate.