Every year, highly-skilled surgeons at Mount Sinai Hospital perform 16,800 life-changing operations.

Our physicians and experts are leaders in several surgical areas of specialization, including cancer (breast, urologic, sarcoma, head and neck, gastrointestinal), inflammatory bowel disease, specialized orthopedics and fetal surgery.

As part of the Renew Sinai Phase 3A project, the largest and most ambitious redevelopment in Mount Sinai’s history, our surgical facilities are in the process of a major transformation and will soon feature 19 state-of-the-art operating rooms to support our complex and innovative work.

We are leaders

  • Mount Sinai Hospital is the second largest surgical cancer centre in the Toronto Central region and performs 3,000 cancer-related operations a year.
  • The Granovsky-Gluskin Division of Orthopedics performs more than 700 surgeries per year. Many of these are complex knee revisions.
  • Bridgepoint Active Healthcare supports patients across the GTA in post-surgery orthopedic rehabilitation, providing inpatient and ambulatory care.
  • The Ontario Fetal Centre, based at Mount Sinai and in partnership with SickKids, performed the first operation in Canada to repair spina bifida before birth.

Largest multi-disciplinary sarcoma program in Canada

First hospital in Ontario to offer HIPEC surgery targeting abdominal cancer

10 colerectal surgeons, the largest team in the GTA

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