image from Take our Kids to Work day

For many students, the morning commute was a little longer than usual on Wednesday. Sinai Health celebrated our annual Take Our Kids to Work Day. All employees with a child in Grade 9 were eligible to participate in this unique experience.

At Mount Sinai, the students rotated through workshops, which showcased different areas of the hospital. Medical Imaging, Surgical Skills, SimSinai, and the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute held interactive activities to give students a behind the scenes look at what they do.

Daniyao Nazim says his favourite part of the day was the surgical skills session. This workshop provided the opportunity to learn how to stitch an injury with actual suture pads used by medical residents. “I like hands-on work. That’s why I want to be a mechanical engineer or architect.”

Meanwhile at Bridgepoint, the day began with a Seating Service session. Students learned about different types of wheelchairs and even had the chance to take them for a test ride. For Jocelyn Lin, the Seating Service offered a look into her potential future. She is confident about working in health care like her mom, who is a nurse at Bridgepoint. “I want to be a physiotherapist,” she says.

Kirsten Pinera says she’s not sure what she wants to be just yet. Both her parents work for Bridgepoint: her father is an RPN in the transitional care unit, while her mother is a senior accounts receivable clerk. They see her following in their footsteps and joining the health care field as a doctor.

Like Kirsten, many students in attendance did not have a clear idea of what they want to do in the future. Take Our Kids to Work Day offers these students the valuable opportunity to learn more about themselves and the different types of jobs available in health care.

Thank you to all the organizers and departments that helped make the day a success!