A woman sits on a rollator mobility device. She is surrounded on both sides by the windows of an indoor walkway. She is looking at the camera smiling with her hands clasped together. She has auburn hair, glasses and is wearing a black.

All Faith recalls about attending a wedding in Haliburton, Ontario, last spring was the outfit she put on that morning. The rest of the day is a blank. Yet her husband David will always remember June 18, 2022, as the day Faith almost died from an ischemic stroke.

When Faith collapsed at the reception, she was rushed to Haliburton Highlands Health Services before being airlifted to Kingston Health Sciences Centre, where she spent over a month in the ICU. She was eventually moved to the stroke unit at Sunnybrook Hospital for several weeks before being transferred to Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital on Labour Day.

Faith’s husband David says when they arrived at Hennick Bridgepoint, for the first time since the event, he began to feel hopeful about the future. “It was truly the beginning of what the potential for Faith’s recovery could be.”

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