Every day, our people at Sinai Health demonstrate and celebrate our Values of Service, Humanity, Inclusivity and Discovery. These Values build on our Purpose of caring, creating possibilities and offering hope to patients, their families and the community.

“I always try to put myself in the position of the patient,” says Dr. Josh Gleicher, Anesthesiologist at Mount Sinai Hospital. He lives our Values of Service and Humanity, going above and beyond to provide care, regardless of the circumstances.

On a summer evening outside of Mount Sinai Hospital, Dr. Gleicher was stepping out for dinner when he saw a pregnant patient near the entrance who was visibly in pain and struggling to walk. He urgently sprang into action and found a wheelchair to help the patient off the road. Natasha, the patient, told him she was in her third trimester of her pregnancy and had an acute medical condition that was causing intense pain.

“I was terrified of what was happening to me and possibly the baby. I was in unimaginable pain and could not move, I no longer could walk with the pain,” said Natasha.

He not only helped get her to where she needed to go as quickly as possible, he also treated her with empathy and respect. Because of Dr. Gleicher’s actions, Natasha was able to get the care needed to relieve the pain and keep her baby safe.

“Dr. Gleicher helped calm me down and I’m sure it also impacted the baby positively by decreasing the stress I was feeling. I will never forget his selflessness and generosity,” said Natasha.

Dr. Gleicher says it feels very nice to be recognized and is humbled, but wants to acknowledge that many others responded and collaborated to help this patient. “While I was the initial person on the scene, there were a lot of people that helped this patient. The general surgery team, the obstetrics team, the nurses and the security team who helped get her upstairs. So I was really a small part of it and just got the ball rolling,” said Dr. Gleicher.

In his five years at Sinai Health, Dr. Gleicher has also made a considerable impact in the Anesthesiology department by playing a lead role in quality improvement work. His collaboration, and dedication work has played an integral part in the success of the Regional Anesthesia Block Room and showcases the many ways he is providing high-quality care to the communities we serve.