Sam Scaduto - Service Assistant, Mount Sinai Hospital

Every day, our people at Sinai Health demonstrate and celebrate our Values of Service, Humanity, Inclusivity and Discovery. These Values build on our Purpose of caring, creating possibilities and offering hope to patients, their families and the community.

Meet Sam Scaduto, Service Assistant at Mount Sinai Hospital. Sam is living Sinai Health’s Values of Service and Humanity.

One day, as Sam was working a shift on the Psychiatry unit, he noticed a patient losing colour and recognized they were choking. Without a second thought, he immediately alerted a nearby nurse who was able to perform an abdominal thrust and call a code blue. Thanks to Sam’s quick response, the patient received immediate care and survived.

According to people who have worked with Sam, his involvement in this life-saving moment doesn’t come as a surprise. His ability to provide care and concern for others is second nature for him.

“Sam consistently demonstrates our commitment in providing a high-quality, safe and clean environment for patient care. He is truly an ambassador for our team and a model of professionalism,” says Michael Badour, Manager of Support Services at Mount Sinai.

As a valued member of the Support Services team, Sam ensures that areas in the hospital are clean and safe for use. This critical function supports the delivery of patient care in units where Sam frequently works, including Psychiatry, the Emergency Department and the Intensive Care Unit.

For the staff, he’s become a member of the team and they are always a bit happier when they see him. “We have Sam today,” they say with a smile.

“I try to help wherever I can,” Sam says modestly. Calm, kind and engaging, Sam’s demeanour effortlessly draws people in and he’s a familiar and friendly face on the units. He makes a point to introduce himself and nurses appreciate his proactive approach of asking if anything needs to be done.

 “Sam is beloved by all his colleagues,” shares Michael, adding that he’s lost count of the number of compliments he’s received about Sam’s work. “We are proud of Sam’s accomplishments and his heroic actions during this patient safety event.”