Every day our people at Sinai Health are doing extraordinary things. Captured Caring is a series featuring submissions from our people to provide you with inspiration and encouragement as we care for patients and each other. Have your own story or photo to share? Submit it here.

The Marvelle Koffler Breast Centre and the Ruth Burnett Oncology Outpatient Clinic have implemented a new clinical information system to further improve patient care.

A grouping of three images: Each one shows a group of people in an office or health care setting. They are wearing masks and looking at the camera“A big congratulations and thank you to all of our clinical team members on the successful launch of the first phase of implementing our new Oncology Clinical Information System on October 5. This project will have tremendous impact for our clinical teams and our patients most importantly. The tireless efforts of this team have been greatly appreciated by all of us. This is truly a significant milestone. Well done everyone!”
Submitted by: Lisa Wayment, Senior Clinical Program Director, Surgery and Oncology, Mount Sinai Hospital

“Congratulations to the dedicated team of oncology nurses and clerical staff who led the way with the implementation of the first phase of our new Oncology Clinical Information System. And thank you to all of the project team members who worked so hard to get us to this important achievement.”
Submitted by: Susan Blacker, Senior Director, Cancer and Palliative Program Planning and Performance, Sinai Health

Two images grouped together the top one is a group of five people outdoors standing in front of a hospital. They are wearing masks and looking at the camera. The second is a larger group arranged in two rows. They are outdoors and wearing masks, looking at the camera. “It’s National Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Week, and we wanted to take this opportunity to recognize Sinai Health’s IPAC team, which includes 12 Infection Control Practitioners working across Mount Sinai Hospital, Bridgepoint Active Healthcare and supporting our partners in long-term care and retirement homes in the community. IPAC also provides support for all Renew Sinai Phase 3A and capital planning construction-related projects.

Thank you to our amazing team of Infection Control Practitioners and the entire IPAC group. We’d like to express our deep appreciation for all that you are doing to continue to keep our teams and our patients safe.”
Submitted by: Dr. Jennie Johnstone, Physician Lead, Infection Prevention and Control and Liz McCreight, Director, Infection Prevention and Control, Sinai Health


Three photos grouped together. Two are group shots each with three people standing in hospitals and wearing masks looking at the camera. The third is made up of images from a video meeting with head and shoulders visible. Most of the people are wearing orange shirts. “This week, we celebrate our Spiritual Care Practitioners and the wonderful support and care they provide to our patients and Sinai Health!

Spiritual Care Practitioners are clinically trained to support the cultural, emotional and spiritual health of patients, families and team members. They support individuals and groups from across diverse beliefs, cultures, perspectives and practices. They liaise and partner with spiritual, religious and cultural groups to ensure our patients and families have access to the supports they need.

Throughout the pandemic the Spiritual Care team has supported our patients and fellow team members explore questions of “Why did this happen?” or “Why me?” They continually utilize Sinai Health values of service, humanity and inclusivity to provide the best care possible and to guide their practice during this time of uncertainty.

We look forward to the future and are appreciative of having wonderful team members in Spiritual Care to help our patients and employees, physicians, learners and volunteers during times of need. Happy Spiritual Care Week!
Submitted by: Katherine McQuaid-Bascon, Senior Director, Health Disciplines, Mount Sinai Hospital

Two images of groups of people in a hospital pharmacy where medications for inpatients are dispensed. The groups of  people are wearing masks and looking at the camera.“National Pharmacy Technician’s Day was October 19 and we celebrated our great group of Pharmacy Technicians! Every day, they ensure safe preparation and distribution of all medications for every Sinai Health patient. We thank you all for your dedication and contribution to patient care!”
Submitted by: Virginia Fernandes, Practice Leader, Pharmacy, Mount Sinai Hospital