Collage of Harry Potter cosplay

In our latest edition of See the news, Be the news, we go behind the scenes of Mount Sinai’s Pharmacy Department’s annual counting day.

Held this year on February 28, Ioanna Mantas, IT pharmacist, tried to generate some enthusiasm and commitment by using a Harry Potter theme to make the counting fun. The annual count is important for the department to do in order to generate an accurate financial report.

Some stats from the day:

  • 38 counting stations
  • 45 pharmacy staff counting
  • 4,775 different containers counted
  • 253,833 individual items counted
  • More than 2,068 costs verified
  • 10 XL pizza’s eaten to fuel the staff
  • Dozens of Polyjuice Potion drinks consumed
  • Dozens of Nimbus 2000 chocolate capped pretzels eaten
  • Dozens of Sorting Hat cupcakes eaten

A special acknowledgement to Ioanna and pharmacy technicians Camilla Ho, Rozana Naureen and Tara Doctorow for all of their effort in making the day a success.

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