Mental health affects us all. Today for Bell Let’s Talk Day, we’re joining the conversation on social media and sharing some examples of how Sinai Health supports mental health and wellness through care, research and education.  Learn more and find out how to join the conversation here.

Here’s what we’re tweeting about today:

Promoting psychological safety in the workplace
Sinai Health System was recognized by The Mental Health Commission of Canada for its contribution to a national Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace Case Study Research Project. Read more.

An overview of programs and services Mental Health Infographic
The infographic (right) on Sinai Health System’s specialized programs includes info about care research and education. Click to expand. 

Online self-assessment tool
How do physical and mental health go together? Check out this free online Self-Assessment Kiosk developed at Mount Sinai Hospital by our psychiatry team. Check it out here.

Mental health and pregnancy
Did you know that mood disorders such as anxiety and depression are the most common complication of childbearing? Mount Sinai Hospital’s Perinatal Mental Health Program is the largest of its kind in Canada, providing specialized care for pregnant patients.

Two former patients shared their stories of accessing the program from their homes using telemedicine:

Accessing psychiatric help during pregnancy from the comfort of home

Supporting refugees and survivors of trauma
Mount Sinai Hospital is home to a specialized psychological trauma program. Psychiatrists Drs. Clare Pain and Lisa Anderman were recently recognized for Amina Malko Award for their significant contribution to policy, advocacy and settlement service for traumatized refugees. Read more.

Our experts in the News
Drs. Bob Maunder and John Hunter are psychiatrists and researchers who have written about mental health issues for major media outlets, most recently in The Walrus and Medium:

Isaac, the man who lost the story he needs to live
How childhood trauma can lead to chronic illness

Upcoming event

Breaking the Stigma in the Jewish Community: Mental Health During and After Pregnancy
Anxiety and postpartum depression are common mental health complications of childbearing. Stigma and lack of knowledge often prevent mothers and fathers from addressing these conditions. Join community experts and those with personal experience as they shed light on these important issues.
Tuesday, February 6
7:15 to 9:30 p.m.
Shaarei Shomayim Synagogue
More details here