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Patients are the heart of everything we do at Sinai Health. The reason that we all wake up and show up for work is with a singular goal in mind: to provide excellent patient care. Hearing from our patients that we have made a difference is the ultimate reward. In 2018, we met a number of generous patients who shared their journeys through Sinai Health with us. We are humbled to be able to share a few of these stories with you as we look back on the year that was.

spa dayIt’s a Thursday afternoon and the bright and airy activity room on Bridgepoint’s Palliative Care unit is buzzing with activity, music and laughter. The space has been transformed into a makeshift spa for patients and their families. The guests immerse their hands in warm lavender-scented water, enjoy hand massages and manicures, complete with nail polish. “It’s so lovely staff are doing this because we couldn’t get out to a regular spa,” says Agnes, 97, one of the patients visiting the spa. Read more.


VeradIn her late 40s, Vered Eyal had every intention of going through menopause without any medical intervention. The Toronto organizational consultant had always lived a healthy lifestyle, but Vered had no idea that those healthy choices wouldn’t be enough to see her through a difficult menopause. Learn how Vered found support through the Mature Women’s Health Clinic.


Fisher FamilyFor Kendra and Kristy Fisher, the pain of the unexpected loss of their son, River, was at least somewhat eased thanks to these supports at Mount Sinai Hospital. “The nurses, anesthesiologists and doctors at Mount Sinai made our few days with our baby as beautiful and bearable as it could have been,” explains Kendra. Read more about how the Fisher family grieved the loss of their child together.


Doug Mumford Doug Mumford knows all about the challenges of living with diabetes. Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 18 years old, he was told to expect a rigid life that revolved around managing this condition. “I was told that if I lived a strict, regimented life – woke up at the same time every day, ate the same six meals every day, then I might live to reach the age of 50,” explained Doug. Learn more about how Doug, now at age 68, credits the care he’s received at the Leadership Sinai Centre for Diabetes for his enduring health.


Asher and IraWhen Asher Lenz learned that his wife was pregnant with their second child, the 39-year-old composer couldn’t muster the feelings of joy and excitement that he thought he should. According to Dr. Ben Rosen, paternal perinatal depression (PPD), a mental health condition that can happen during a man’s partner’s pregnancy and in the first year of their child’s life, affects one in 10 men. But too often it goes undiagnosed. Read more about how patients like Asher and Ira Weisman are accessing mental health supports for fathers at Mount Sinai.


caregiver designWorking with family and caregivers is a priority for Sinai Health. We’ve introduced new policies including the family presence policy at Bridgepoint, to ensure that our patient’s loved ones are empowered to take an active role in their care. Collaborating with the Change Foundation and WoodGreen Community Services, Sinai Health is undertaking a number of projects, from designing a more caregiver-friendly environment to Cultivating Change, an initiative to improve the experience of family caregivers whether they’re caring for a loved one in the hospital or at home.