Thank you to everyone that contributed to our #nobetterplacetowork contest by submitting a picture and a reason why there is  #nobetterplacetowork than Sinai Health. Congratulations to the winners of our $50 gift cards to Indigo, Jonathon Modo and Erin Zlahtic.Woman in black Sinai Health System t-shirt wearing a stethoscope and making the peace sign with her hand

Part of Sinai Health’s People Plan is to engage our people and inspire them with a sense of purpose so they feel connected to what they do. Check out how much pride our employees, physicians, scientists, and volunteers have for what they do at Sinai Health:

»The best colleagues you could have!

»Our Unit culture is what helps us create a sense of meaning from our work. We have a culture of collaboration, mutual trust, and respect. Through this, our team can work together in ways that are flexible, adaptable, and give a sense of ownership and engagement that define the future of Bridgepoint’s Transitional Care Unit and of our patients!

»365 days a year, Information Services is here to serve(r) you. We think that Sinai Health is a cool * place to work. Our server rooms store, power and operate the IT infrastructure for SHS. This equipment needs to be kept at 20-21 °C, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

»Sinai Health System – where the culture of a workplace, the organization’s values, norms and practices – has a huge impact on our happiness and success.

employees from a unit wearing black sinai health system t-shirts pretending to play tug of war»Sinai Health System is a no better place to work because: 1. Team work 2. We treat each other as a second family 3. Good work ethics 4. Diverse team and clients 5. Productive and good learning atmosphere.

»We collaborate as a team for the most efficient work solutions. We respect each other in a positive environment that allows us to be ourselves and laugh a little too.

»There is #nobetterplacetowork because all of our people (staff, physicians, volunteers, and students) are SUPERSTARS!

»Sinai Health is an inclusive environment where people of all different backgrounds and experiences come together to create a workplace that is supportive and enriching for all.