illustration of a computer screen with the acronym SAFER which stands for Safety And Feedback Event Reporting

Patient safety is a complex issue, involving many people and systems. That’s why gathering data about all patient safety events, including near misses, helps us to design systems to eliminate preventable harm and improve the experience for our patients and family/caregivers.

On July 4, Sinai Health is launching the SAFER system (Safety And Feedback Event Reporting), an integrated safety and patient feedback reporting system. This system will be used at both the Bridgepoint and Mount Sinai Hospital campuses and is conveniently accessible to anyone with a network log-in.

“It is energizing to see that at Sinai Health, at every level of the organization, there is a commitment to fostering a culture in which it is safe for people to raise issues of potential preventable harm and opportunities for improvement, as part of everything we do,” says Melanie de Wit, Vice President of Clinical and Enterprise Risk and Chief Risk Officer. “With the SAFER . system, we will be able to better understand at a system level how and where we can best direct our efforts to continuously improve. Together, we are SAFER!”

The SAFER system will also capture patient and family caregiver feedback about their care experience, enabling us to better understand patient and family experiences and to improve care delivery.

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing some stories highlighting how people within our Sinai community have used safety reporting and patient feedback to improve care in their areas and across the organization. Stay tuned for more information on the SAFER system.