Group of Nurse practitioners

From November 12-18, Ontario recognizes the more than 3,000 nurse practitioners in the province, who have improved access to our health care system, as well as improved patient outcomes.

Nurse practitioners provide many similar services to patients as physicians, including prescribing medications, ordering laboratory tests as well as diagnostic tests such as x-rays and ultrasounds. In addition to clinical aspects of care such as health assessment, communicating diagnoses, and prescribing, nurse practitioners play a major role in improving health care practices at an organizational level, as well as at a governmental level to drive positive changes in our health care system.

Mount Sinai Hospital welcomed our first nurse practitioners in 1994, and today, we have 22 nurse practitioners supporting programs and patient populations including: diabetes, cardiology, emergency medicine, geriatrics, fertility, family medicine, mother-baby unit, post-natal ambulatory care, neo-natology, NICU, pain management and wound care.

“Our nurse practitioners contribute immensely to the care we provide at Mount Sinai Hospital,” notes Leanne Ginty, Director of Professional Practice for Nursing. “In their different practice areas, we see examples of improved access to care, shorter wait times, innovative models of care, quality improvement activities and translating knowledge into practice contributing to a culture of quality, safety and improved patient outcomes in acute & chronic disease management, symptom management and patient satisfaction to name a few.”

2018 has been a year full of incredible accomplishments including multiple awards and publications, from our outstanding nurse practitioners. You can read previous stories of just a few of their accomplishments:

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Sinai Health extends a big thank you and a hearty congratulations to all of our nurse practitioners for all the incredible work they do to provide top-notch patient care.